1. twosome, couplet, doublet, duo, dyad, binary, matched set, two of a kind; twins, Siamese twins, Astron. Gemini.
2. couple, lovers, man and wife, husband and wife, married or wedded partners or pair, conjoints; (all inseparable) partners, sidekicks, companions, friends, comrades, cronies, Inf. pals, Inf. bosom buddies, U.S. Inf. buddies.
3. brace, span, yoke, tandem, team; two, both, Archaic. twain.
4.Chiefly Dialect. set, suit, suite, group, grouping, collection, combination, Clothing. coordinates.
5. pair up, match up, put together, accompany, Archaic. company; couple, partner, twin, double, geminate; marry off, wed, join in holy matrimony or wedlock, hook up, Sl. hitch, Sl. splice, Obs. conjugate; conjoin, join, unite, yoke, bind or tie together, chain, shackle; coalesce, associate, affiliate, ally, bring or draw together, make close, connect, bracket, attach, link.
6. pair off
hook up, become affiliated with, partner, form a partnership, go in together, team up, be a team, join forces, cooperate; go around together, fraternize, associate, keep company, consort, Inf. pal around together, Inf. hang around together, Inf. knock around together, Sl. hang out together; be seen together, go out together, go steady, stick together, stick like glue; marry, get married, intermarry, interwed, wive, espouse, become man and wife, say "I do," say one's vows, walk down the aisle, take the plunge, become one, Sl. hitch up with, Archaic. husband.
7. match, suit, fit, go with, correspond, agree with, coordinate or harmonize or blend with, complement, complete; resemble, look like, take after, Inf. favor.
8.(of animals) mate, breed, copulate.

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